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The Challenge

Wiktors is a fully integrated distributor of audiovisual equipment and technology solutions. Working with the widest range of products and with the most consummate product knowledge makes Wiktors the natural partner for retailers across the Nordic region. When the time came to develop an e-commerce platform with a user focus, the job was awarded to Softgear.

The Solution

By customizing the configuration of a B2C CMS and e-commerce solution on the Dynamicweb platform with integration to Jeeves ERP, we developed an e-commerce platform that is both future-proof and user friendly. In addition to the ability to place orders, the system is an effective tool for customers to manage order tracking, invoice history, and accounting. Furthermore, Softgear also takes the role of strategic business advisor to Wiktors aiming to increase the business value of their e-commerce.

"Our focus has been to invest in a B2B web shop that gives us flexibility and allows adding functionality that makes it possible to fill out in the form of descriptive text about our products. For us it is important with a shop that not only offers the opportunity to shop – it must enthuse and inspire our visitors to add the extra customer benefit. It has been achieved."

Peter Bohmelin, VD AB Wiktors AV-Line
AB Wiktors AW-Line
Client: AB Wiktors AW-Line
Project: E-commerce, B2B
Production year: 2013
Technology: B2B e-commerce platform Dynamicweb, integration with Jeeves ERP system and links to Cnet for product data.
Customer reference: Peter Bohmelin, VD AB Wiktors AV-Line