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Senseair sells advanced sensors for air and gas. Recently they found themselves before a shift in their sales process. Instead of approaching the customer from a component level, they wanted the basis to be five comprehensive platforms. A methodology which would require less engineering knowledge from both customer and seller. Senseair wanted to steer the customer dialogue at fairs and in similar environments by analysing their needs, step by step.


Softgear developed a costumer support app where the seller, along with the client, starts by choosing a platform. The choice depends on the customers interests: Size, Durability, Flexibility, Battery Power or Resolution. The choice leads to more options in accordance with the client’s different needs, and finally to how the customer would like to purchase the product: as a separate component, mounted on a circuit board or built-in in a box.
Since the customer dialogue is steered, the seller won’t miss a thing. The client gets a quick, instructional introduction to how Senseair matches their specific needs. After the completed demo, the seller receives an email with the selected options, which later serves as a basis for following up with the customers.

We received record numbers of people at our stand in Nuremberg. The visitors really liked our app, as did our salespeople. The time visitors have to spend at the stand can’t be too long, it makes us ineffective and keeps other visitors away. With this app we can quickly guide the visitor to a suitable solution.


Staffan Ehde, Marketing Director, Senseair'

Project: Sales tool app for Apple iOS (iPhone och iPad)
Production year: 2017
Technology: Interactive sales support for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as PC and Mac.
Customer reference:

Staffan Ehde, Marketing Director, Senseair'