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Offshore floating wind power is a new concept, and only a handful of solutions are in operation today. Over a number of years, Flowocean has developed an innovative solution for floating windfarms, which is now ready for full-scale construction. Flowocean needed materials more inspiring than CAD drawings to present and to centre discussions around. Materials which would both motivate authorities and energy suppliers to invest, and meet the needs of technicians keen to get an overview of concepts, designs and technical solutions.


At Softgear we suggested an AR app. Using a mobile phone or tablet, Flowocean records a marker image, e.g. a poster or a business card showing the wind turbines. The customer can then rotate the 360° image in any direction, to view a live 3D model of the wind turbines in an authentic offshore environment. Using different controls, the customer can for example see what happens if the wind speed increases or the direction of the wind changes. Zooming in enables the view of individual components, while the zoom out function can extend the displayed image to show the whole wind farm. Those technologically minded have the option to go below the surface to view substructures, anchoring systems and seabed. Offshore service is expensive, which makes a good service solution an important selling point. For this reason, by clicking an icon, the app will show a towing vessel simply collecting the windturbines for onshore service.

The AR app has been an enormous help. We can present our plug and play concept in a real, living environment. The app quickly creates an understanding, and makes subsequent discussions much easier. There have been several ’aha!’ moments; so that’s how it works!


Cristoffer Kos, Business Developer Manager, Flowocean

Project: Augmented Reality app for Apple iOS (iPhone och iPad)
Production year: 2017
Technology: Augmented Reality app for Apple iOS (iPhone och iPad)
Customer reference:

Cristoffer Kos, Business Developer Manager, Flowocean