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The challenge
Air cleaners are enclosed so that from the outside you can't see how the airflow streams into the product.  Consequently, for communicating with the customer, Blueair wanted have a smooth way of clearly displaying the technology and its functions. We wanted to create a better understanding of the of technology which isn't visible and thereby streamline the sales process with respective retailers.

The solution
We developed an app where reality is mixed with virtual reality, so-called Augmented Reality. While meeting with the customer in the shop, the retailer films the product that the customer is interested in with their smartphone or tablet. The app recognises the product via a "marker", an object and location reference. Then the app adds animations and illustrations in real-time streaming from the camera. In this way the inside is visualised and on the screen the customer sees technical solutions, airflow, performance, etcetera. 
As long as the camera has contact with the marker the retailer can display the product from different angles. The animations follow the camera movement and appears from the right angle. An educational finesse. 

"The response is overwhelming. I have just come home from Shanghai and Beijing where the app is used with Augmented Reality in shops. The shop sellers are overjoyed. They have never seen anything like it—many times the presentations are a tipping point in the sale. People are talking about a wow-feeling, partly because of virtually getting to see inside the product that is physically in front of them, and partly because of getting to experience something completely new in the presentation. The app is also revolutionised at exhibitions. Visitors stay, look and want to integrate. We have had entire delegations in the stand where everyone wants to try out the app and experience the inside of our products. Because Blueair is associated with technological leadership, that feeling, and our trademark, are strengthened by us using Augmented Reality in meetings with customers and shop sellers. ”

Henrik Fernsund, Brand Manager, Blueair AB
Blueair AB
Client: Blueair AB
Project: Säljstöd, e-handel B2B, återförsäljarportal mm
Production year: Start oktober 2012
Technology: Augmented Reality app for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android pads and phones.
Customer reference:

Henrik Fernsund, Brand Manager Blueair AB