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all-in-one online business partner

Business understanding, the key to a successful partership


We are the partner who can realign your point of contact with your customers for increased sales activity and better business. With Softgear you will meet a united and dedicated team consisting of business developers, strategists, and some of the most experienced concept and web developers in e-commerce, sales support, apps, e-services and IT support.

With a deep understanding of the business Softgear delivers strategy, business development and solutions for you to achieve your commercial, business and communication goals.
We understand that our technology is used by people. For us, technology is not an end in itself but is there only if it supports you in the process of achieving  your goals. At Softgear, we strive to always be an innovative partner with concrete recommendations.

Meet us early in your discussions – we will inspire, help you to pinpoint your internal and external requirements and create the basis for the decisions that will take your business forward.


The Flow Factory platform makes you 5-10x more productive. That means that you can deliver polished, feature rich and high-quality applications faster. When you build your application using Flow Factory, you can count on saving time, lots of it!

If you search the web for platform as a service or PaaS you get tons of hits. But what is a platform as a service? We think a platform delivered as a service needs to include the ability to develop, deploy, and maintain applications – and deliver them as a service!

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We are proud of the work we do and the trust that we receive from our customers. Here we have compiled a selection of the projects we have worked with over the years - everything from small projects to large turnkey solutions. Welcome and be inspired!

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Pontus Bernhardsson

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Michael Siljö

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Mats Lycken

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