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Västerås Stad

The Challenge

As technology develops, so do the requirements of companies, institutions and users, and today it's more important than ever to simplify interactions with the end user. As part of its efforts to provide citizens and businesses easier access to city information and services Västerås City has invested heavily in e-government. The City of Västerås, together with a team of qualified external experts, formed an integral part of the working groups throughout the development process.

Our consultants were engaged from the early stages and since 2008 Softgear has been actively involved in the development of internal and external services that are utilised on a daily basis to make life easier for employees, businesses and the citizens of Västerås.

The Solution

Softgear developed a platform for interactive use between systems enabling e-services to retrieve and store information from all the different systems within the city's numerous business segments. The platform also allows for the various e-services to connect to external systems for further information gathering.

Additionally, Softgear developed a solution for e-IDs – Bank ID and e-ID services – allowing seamless authentication and signing associated with the usage of the various e-services.

Softgear also created a large number of e-services that are currently used in the City of Västerås; including:

Sorted – a service that enables a simple calculation and delivery of annual and final bills for the City of Västerås nominated governors and managers.

Residential Parking – a simple and convenient way for Västerås citizens to apply for residents' parking permits. Through interoperability with external systems, applications can be processed immediately and – if approved – downloaded directly by the citizen.

Residential Planning Permits –- to simplify the process for applicants and to shorten handling time Softgear created a service that guides the visitor through the complete application. By working with external systems relevant data is retrieved and user has the ability to print and sign a paper copy or to sign and submit the application digitally.

Child care – a convenient way for carers to make an online application for their child care needs. Parents who do not yet have a placement carer can also choose a suitable nursery for their children.

Planning application – an online service that simplifies the process by guiding applicants through the application step-by-step. Once complete – with the option to attach the necessary documents - the application can be signed and sent in digital format. 

All of these services involve interactions with multiple external systems. This, along with citizens' personal data, place high demands on security and privacy therefore, e-ID for authentication is a vital component in the application.

City of Västerås
Client: City of Västerås
Project: Development
Production year: 2008 –

ASP.NET, WCF, SQL Server, Sharepoint, HTML/CSS

Customer reference:

Therese Kristensson, City of Västerås