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Stockholms Stad

The Challenge

The City of Stockholm is more than the capital of Sweden. It's a huge organization that manages huge amounts of information on a daily basis. In order to improve security and to streamline information-flow and management, the governors of Stockholm were looking for a management system for better control and easier review. A mission that we can proudly say was awarded to Softgear.

The Solution

By automating part of the audit of the financial statements, the administration officers had more time available to conduct deeper reviews to ensure that legalities were adhered to. To free up the available time Softgear created well-developed case management systems with clear administrative support that include checklists and help texts. The system also has an integrated reminder feature which ensures that no issues remain oustanding for too long. The integrated e-service allows the city's Governors and Managers to submit their annual and final bills electronically.

Överförmyndarförvaltningen Stockholms stad
Client: Överförmyndarförvaltningen Stockholms stad
Project: IT Development
Production year: 2014

MS Lightswitch, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Sharepoint

Customer reference:

Kennet Öhlund, Operations Director, Överförmyndarförvaltningen Stockholms stad