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all-in-one online business partner

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"We need an e-commerce that maintainexisting relationships and build new ones."

Magnusson & Freij AB

The Challenge

Magnusson & Freij Ltd is a cleaning and office supplies wholesaler based in Gothenburg. Customer needs have always been at the forefront of their ethos, something which is summarized in the company's motto: "we'll fix it!" To further improve customer satisfaction Magnusson & Freij wanted to develop a dynamic web solution for e-commerce. The assignment was awarded to Softgear.

The Solution

Effective eCommerce focuses on the user and his needs. By adapting an e-commerce platform on Dynamicweb and integrating it to Jeeves ERP Softgear created a stable and future-proof platform. The website is continuously being developed and updated with new features and design; all to create an efficient and flexible user experience – and to generate increased e-commerce transactions. 

Without a modern e-commerce, we had not been able to face the future and now we can!"

Krister Pettersson, CEO of Magnusson & Freij AB
Client: Normark
Project: E-commerce, B2B (primary) and B2C
Production year: 2012–
Technology: E-commerce platform developed at Dynamicweb with integration to ERP system Jeeves
Customer reference: Krister Pettersson, CEO of Magnusson & Freij AB